David Miller         President
Conlan Miller       Treasurer
Chris Ewing          Director at Large
David Wilcox        Director at Large
Tanya Hopper        IT/Media
Mariann Duca        Director at Large
Brad Cecil              Vice President
Jessa Maunu          Secretary


Previous Minutes:

Brad Cecil motions to accept previous minutes as corrected, seconded by Conlan Miller

  • Motion passed


Treasurer’s Report: 

Benevolence Account Balance

$ 1,887.68

Burns Dinner Account Balance

$ 2,560.59

Pub Crawl Account Balance

$ 1,000

Whiskey Tasting Account Balance

$ 400

Nessie’s Nest Account Balance

$ 389.69

Sunshine Committee Account Balance

$ 500


Main Account Balance Beginning

$ 9,067.21

Main Account Balance Ending

$ –

New Main Account Balance

$ 6,387.35



Income Description




$ 48.25



$ 71.00



$ 14.26



Expense Description



Priority Check ( Moving Burns Profits to Burn’s Account )

$ 2,560.59


Priority Check ( Moving Main Account balance into new main account )

$ 8,947.94



$ 26.50


Apple Bill

$ 4.99


Flags USA, LLC

$ 93.00


Lemon Tree Landing

$ 80.00


Amazon Marketplace Hy4O997W0

$ 48.29


  • In lew of the robbery the main account has been closed and a new one opened in its place
    • All money moved over to the new account
  • Money from bowling in kilts to be moved to Nessie’s Nest
  • Club to pay for the replacement briefcase

Chris Ewing motions to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Mariann Duca

  • Motion passed


Flag Pole Report:

  • $62.37 below budget


Standard Update:

  • Piece of the standard was put on backwards
  • Sent back to the seamstress to fix
  • Will need to be ready by the may gathering ( will be ready )
  • Nonprofit organization to think of for future projects


Awards ( Unfinished Business) 

  • Award for the owner of Slow Ride and Fat Daddy’s
  • Tartan on one side and thanks on the other
  • Decide the decorum for the award as “ friend of S.C.O.T or an honorary member”
  • $50 or under for the plaques
    • Tulsa pipes and drums to pay for one, the award for the owner of slow ride

Brad Cecil motions to move forward with this project after verbiage is figured out with the Tulsa pipes and drums, seconded by Mariann Duca

  • Motion passed



  • 1 renewal
  • 1 new family 
  • Two memberships who added family members
  • 175+ members
  • 50 people who are no longer in good standing
  • How to term and go about members whose membership has lapsed
    • Inactive

Conlan Miller motions to simply use inactive when communicating about a lapsed membership, seconded by Brad Cecil

  • Motion passed


Burns Supper

  • 66 tickets sold
  • 33 remaining
  • 15 comped
  • 81 attendees
  • Beef wellington and mushroom wellington for those who are vegetarian as the main dish


Conlan Miller motions to accept the burns report, seconded by David Wilcox

  • Motion passed


T Shirts

  • Logo with officer position names and then council for others ( President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Club logo for chairpersons
  • $26-27 per shirt
  • $10 per design on shirt


May Gathering

  • Jeopardy with teams
    • Each category the officer/chairperson will announce what is happening in that category
    • “Champion” on each team must be rotated through
    • Prizes?
      • 10 $15 QT gift cards/ 10 $10
      • 10 ozark trails
      • 10 coffee cups 
    • Budget?

Conlan Miller motions for a budget of $500 for the prizes at the May Gathering/ Annual Meeting, seconded by Mariann Duca

  • Motion passed



  • Membership user login the last piece to finish
  • 90% done


  • Conlan Miller gave new Pub Crawl Account card to Chris Ewing to be given to Rick Ewing at the earliest convenience
  • Nessie’s Nest card given to Brad Cecil to be given to Terra Cecil by Conlan Miller
  • Whiskey Tasting Card given to Chris Ewing by Conlan Miller
  • Main account card given to David Wilcox for Pat Wilcox to use on gathering food by Conlan Miller
  • Background music for May gathering?


Brad Cecil motions to close the meeting, seconded by Conlan Miller

  • Motion passed


Next meeting date May 24th, 2023 @ 7pm

Meeting adjourned April 26th, 2023 @ 8:52pm