Scottish Club Tulsa


Past Presidents

past president charlie sherwood
past president katy forbes
president emeritus rick ewing

Past Presidents of the
Scottish Club of Tulsa

In 1955, Cecil E. Schilling was voted in as the first president of the Scottish Club of Tulsa. Government of the S.C.O.T. is by Council, as set in the Club’s Constitution with each board member being nominated and elected by the current standing membership. Each elected position holds a term of office of two years. Since its creation the Club has been guided by 38 unique and talented individuals, with some holding office for more than two years.

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Official Tartan of the City of Tulsa, as worn by the City of Tulsa Pipes & Drums

History of the Tulsa Tartan

The Tulsa Tartan was designed in 1976 by a committee of the Scottish Club of Tulsa under the Presidency of Ed Morrison. Members of the committee included Richard L. Crawford, as Chairman; Chinnubbie McIntosh, and Mrs. Bea Notley. It was desired that the tartan serve as a tribute to the City of Tulsa and to the founders of S.C.O.T., Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shilling.

The project took two years to complete and was actively supported by the Mayor of Tulsa, Robert J. La Fortune. La Fortune issued a proclamation on January 31, 1978, to "endorse and ordain the establishment" of the Tulsa Tartan. The proclamation was considered an official effort as a tartan recognized by the Scottish Tartans Society would strengthen cultural ties with the thousands of Tulsa citizens who came from Scottish ancestry. On April 19, 1978, the design was approved by the Monitoring Committee of the Scottish Tartans Society.

The Tulsa Tartan is symbolic of the heritage of Oklahoma. Red signifies the Native American population of the area. Green stands for the Green Country of the northeast quadrant of the state. Blue symbolizes the lakes and rivers, which are important to industry and sportsmen. The black represents the oil that has played a significant role in Oklahoma's history, society, and economy.

The thread count of the tartan is thus: G(26), B(16), G(26), R(28), bK(6), R(28)