Scottish Club Tulsa
scot council president

Council President - David Miller

June 2020 through June 2024

Hello and welcome to the Scottish Club of Tulsa!

"It is my honor and privilege to serve the Membership of the Scottish Club of Tulsa as the President.

My Scottish ancestry consists of Clans Stewart, MacFarlane, and Buchanan which I share with my best friend and wife, Jamie."

~Duties include overseeing and presiding at S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Council meetings and representing S.C.O.T. in the community.


Vice President - Brad Cecil

~Duties include presiding over Events and Gatherings, and performing such duties as are appropriate to the office and to provide opportunities to learn about the functions necessary for the success of the organization as directed by the President or the S.C.O.T. Council.


Secretary - Jessa Maunu

~Duties include recording and preserving Council minutes, the production of agenda's and itineraries, providing copies of meeting minutes to each Council Member at meetings, and delivering copies of all business records to the S.C.O.T. Archivist for maintenance and protection.


Treasurer - Conlan Miller

"Hello everyone! My name is Conlan Miller and I have been with the club for a little over a year. Surprisingly, my heritage is the same as our President (my father). If ever you see me, feel free to say hi! I look forward to getting to know you!"

~Duties include maintaining the S.C.O.T. Treasury and records of the same, presenting balance and budget reports, and to countersign on all S.C.O.T. disbursements.


At-Large Director & Archivist - Chris Ewing

~Duties include the maintenance, care, and protection of all historical and vital records for S.C.O.T., such as the Constitution, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation.

~As an At-Large Director Chris represents and advocates for S.C.O.T. membership at all Council meetings. Duties and responsibilities vary according to the needs of S.C.O.T., the Council, and the Council President.


At-Large Director - David Wilcox

~As an At-Large Director David represents and advocates for S.C.O.T. membership at all Council meetings. Duties and responsibilities vary according to the needs of S.C.O.T., the Council, and the Council President.


Sargeant At Arms - AJ Parks

AJ has served as Sargeant At Arms for S.C.O.T. since 2010 and most recently as Member at Large.

~Duties include securing a meeting place, setting up and tearing down at S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Events, evaluating and coordinating any necessary security concerns, and is present at all S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Events.


Host - Pat Wilcox

Pat Wilcox has been actively involved with S.C.O.T. since 2014. She has volunteered for several roles within the Council and is currently serving as our Host. She is a phenomenal cook and we truly appreciate all she does to make our Gatherings and Events special.

~Duties include responsibility for all food related supplies and decorations needed for S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Events.


Membership Chair - Mariann Duca

Mariann has been involved with S.C.O.T. in a variety of roles for several years. We rely on her expertise in many areas of the organization.

~Duties include maintaining membership records, collecting membership dues, and greeting everyone who attends S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Events.


Media & IT Chair - Tanya Hopper

Tanya has been involved with S.C.O.T. since 2013. She has taken photographs and video for many S.C.O.T. Gatherings and Events. She is passionate about S.C.O.T. and enjoys being a part of the organization.

~Duties include website maintenance, Facebook updates, EBlasts, and the protection of S.C.O.T. digital assets, and to coordinate any advertising per Council request.


Welcoming Chair - Ali Miller

Hello! I am Ali Miller and I am married to Conlan Miller. I enjoy my role as Welcoming Chair. I am excited to meet everyone and show all who come just how much we love to have them! See you soon!

~Duties include greeting attendees at Events and Gatherings, mailing welcoming cards and other post as deemed necessary by the Council, and assisting with set up and tear down as needed.


Burns Supper Chair - Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller, wife of S.C.O.T. President David Miller.

~Duties include the organization of all things Burns Supper.


Pub Crawl Chair - Open For Nomination

~Duties include the organization of the S.C.O.T. Annual Pub Crawl. Chairperson is responsible for contracting the party bus and negotiation with area pubs for sponsorships. Works directly with the IT & Media Chair to schedule ticket sales and in the creation of promotional materials.


Chaplain - Roger Moody

Roger Moody has been a member of the Scottish Club of Tulsa since 2021. Roger’s Scottish ancestry consists of clans Stewart, Moffat, Douglas, and Robertson, belonging to Stewart and Moffett Clan Societies. Hobbies include hiking, backpacking, camping, and kayaking. He loves to play golf, bowl, and fish. He loves being around his children and grandchildren and is enjoying life with his fiance and best friend, Heather.