April Gathering
Saturday, April 13th, 2024
M.D.T. Classes 4:45-5:45pm 
Gathering 6-9pm

John Knox Presbyterian Church
2929 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74105
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The Nominating Committee will be making their announcements for the upcoming elections in May. It is important that all of the S.C.O.T. Membership be in attendance.

Members are asked to bring a dish corresponding with the first letter of their last name, and we love it when you bring a dish of Scottish origin. Meal Train

A-F: Salad
G-L: Appetizer
​M-R: Vegetable Side
S-Z: Dessert

Please RSVP 

Click here to sign up for the MDT classes taking place prior to the Gathering.

*Please remember. If you are a member, dinner is $5. If you are not a paid member, dinner is $20. First time guests are always free. To pre-pay for your Supper, please visit https://scottishcluboftulsa.com/gatherings