Saturday, Apr. 9th, 6-9pm.

American Legion 
Mohawk Post 308 
11328 E. Admiral Place, 
​Tulsa, OK 74116 
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S.C.O.T. Member Jeremy Lakey designed a Tartan for his family and then figured out the process for getting that Tartan Registered with the Register of Tartans, administered by the National Records of Scotland, making the Lakey Family Tartan a Registered Tartan, listed forever more, and can be viewed here. What a brilliant and inspiring achievement. The determination and drive to follow through on such an endeavor is a rare quality indeed. During Jeremy’s presentation, he will share his story and experience with us. Having Jeremy as a Member of the S.C.O.T. is a blessing. I believe that his experience will be useful to many of our Members who have had the same dream. Jeremy is planning to be wearing the Tartan that he designed, as he has contracted to have a Run of his Tartan made & then turned into a Kilt. A fine debut for certain.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 S.C.O.T. Council  
An announcement will be made from the Nominating Committee, led by Mariann Duca again this year. Council offices that are up for Election will be announced, and candidates who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee will have the opportunity to publicly accept their nominations.

Members are asked to bring a dish corresponding with the first letter of their last name, and we love it when you bring a dish of Scottish origin!

M-R: Salad 
S-Z: Appetizer 
A-F: Vegetable Side 
G-L: Dessert

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*Please remember. If you are a member, dinner is $5. If you are not a paid member, dinner is $20. First time guests are always free. To pre-pay for your Supper, please visit

**Note to Members - This is an important meeting. Please check your emails for specifics. Thank you.