David Miller         President
Jessa Maunu         Secretary
Conlan Miller       Treasurer
David Wilcox       Director at Large
Brad Cecil            Vice President
Mariann Duca      Director at Large
Terra Cecil           Nessie’s Nest Committee
Ali Miller             Sunshine Committee
Chris Ewing         Director at Large
Dennis Peterson   Director at Large

  • Thank you letter from Rick Ewing

Previous Minutes

    Mariann Duca motions to approve as corrected, seconded by David Wilcox

  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report

  • June gathering money ( $194 in cash and $45 in checks ) not deposited
  • Brad Cecil motions to approve as dates are corrected for the secretary’s records, seconded by Conlan Miller
  • Motion passed


Benevolence Account Balance

$ 1,887.68

Burns Dinner Account Balance

$ 2,077.57

Pub Crawl Account Balance

$ 766.30

Whiskey Tasting Account Balance

$ 400

Nessie’s Nest Account Balance

$ 1,084.32

Sunshine Committee Account Balance

$ 457.19


Main Account Balance Beginning

$ 7,058.73

Main Account Balance Ending

$ 5,976.01



Income Description




$ 579.15



$ 77.05


Paypal Transfer

$ 243.15



$ 406.05



$ 174.48



$ 57.96



Expense Description



Scotfest, Inc

$ 182.58


Priority Check ( printing checks ) 

$ 1


Tele. Transfer Conf. ( expected Burn’s money moved )

$ 1,882.84



$ 26.50


Check 1001 ( Drukarnia, Inc - Council/Committee Shirts )

$ 528.64












Burns Supper Financial Report

Conlan Miller motions to approve, seconded by  David Wilcox

  • Motion passed 
  • Set up audit for burns supper numbers ( including Jamie Miller, Brad Cecil, Conlan Miller and two general members/directors at large) to make end of the year audit easier

   Chris Ewing  motions to add an extra $100 to the price of the lamb (for the Miller family), seconded by Dennis Peterson

  • Motion passed
  • Check 8520 for the sheep and platter to miller farms
  • Net profit down to $464.58

Pub Crawl

  • 35 tickets
  • 16 members
  • 19 non-members

Conlan Miller motions to approve, seconded by Brad Cecil

  • Motion passed


  • Terra and Brad have a battery operated PA system to donate to a bus
    • The guy the PA’s were rented from last year has ordered two for the club specifically 
    • Feels obligated to rent
  • Buses rented
  • 10 days before t-shirt order has to go in
  • 2 official designs, 1 more submitted late
    • If the third is to win give the first two something for turning it in on time
  • Our sound system has been around since February 1999


Trunk or Treat

  • $500 donated ($482.35 net profit)
  • Will be transferred into trunk or treat 
  • Seed amount $100 already in the account
    • $100 needs to be left in the account as a minimum
  • Donation may become more
  • Dunk tank just needs to be paid for

   Conlan Miller motions to approve, seconded by Chris Ewing

  • Motion passed


New Business

  • Pay Tanya Hopper for the intellectual property ( graphic designs )?
    • Never asked for a penny
    • $50-150 per design ( $300 for all logos )
    • $100 for each original design and $50 for the tweaked design
    • Talk to Charlie Sherwood for an extra opinion
    • Table the topic until conversation about patent
      • Clan Scot and a few other organizations have not trademarked their logos

Kilt Pins

  • Not on online store 
  • Go to jeweler who makes our silver thistles
  • Include brooch pins


Old Business

  • Katy Forbes had our tartan tablecloths, we now have them back
  • Sponsorship with Acota responsible by Terra
  • Three tents for Scotfest 
  • Missing a long table and the children’s table from storage


Unfinished Business

Nessie’s Nest

  • Button maker has not been bought yet
  • Money was spent on potting soil


  • Ken Evan’s shirt to be remade
  • Conlan’s has been received
  • New shirt for Mariann

Lyon Scotfest

  • $100 for tent 
  • $125 for hotel 
    • For members who would go 
  • The lady’s in our club that hail from Arkansas are willing to go 
  • Kathy and Dennis Peterson will also attend


   Mariann Duca  motions for a $300 budget for a membership tent at the Arkansas Scotfest, seconded by Conlan Miller

  • Motion passed 
  • Chris to contact Scotfest about Peterson RV as a comfort station
    • Cannot bring an RV on site and no one is permitted to camp on site per park rules


  • Fundraiser with Tulsa Veteran Owned businesses for new ballroom floor at the legion?
    • Know the sales pitch
  • Electric bill for the legion was $1,800 this last month


Burns Supper

  • Brad Cecil slept on an air mattress to watch the meat at the legion
  • Brad and Conlan drove to Matt Forbes to get the standards
  • Budget funds for kitchen help
  • Bartenders were not tipped well ( $80 each )
  • Kyle Kemp and Amy Scales donated the shot glasses
  • Wilcox’s donated wine
  • Salt and pepper shakers missing
  • Two more boxes of utensils
  • Bar sales and tips need to be up as it keeps us from paying rent
  • 5 tickets unsold


  • Chris Ewing to host another whiskey tasting


Scotfest Membership Tent

  • Raffle for a SCOT cup or whiskey tasting after membership sign up 
    • Cup available at the first meeting attended after Scotfest
    • The more memberships the more cups available
    • Every third sign up is a coffee cup, every fifth is a whiskey tasting
  • Two drawings going
  • New members only 


Float trip Summary

Next meeting August 24th, 2023 @ 7pm

Meeting adjourned  July 26th, 2023 @ 8:52pm


  • 11 met at Denny’s the Sunday after Burns Supper
    • $185 out of general fund
  • Extra whiskey is going with Brad for the next Burn’s supper