Saturday, May 13th, 6-9pm.

American Legion 
Mohawk Post 308 
11328 E. Admiral Place 
​Tulsa, OK 74116 
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The May Gathering will be out of the ordinary this year. To all of our Members that have shared with our President that the Annual Meeting is “BORING”. We haven’t forgotten you.

This year will be a welcomed change as we add activities, challenges, prizes, and a Silent Auction with the possibility of a Live Auction event to the Evening. 

Of course, the very important business of the S.C.O.T. will be presented in the Annual State of the Club Address and Elections will also be held this evening. It is at this time that Awards are presented as the Council recognizes those Members who help to make a difference for the S.C.O.T.

Members are asked to bring a dish corresponding with the first letter of their last name, and we love it when you bring a dish of Scottish origin!

S-Z: Salad 
A-F: Appetizer 
G-L: Vegetable Side 
M-R: Dessert

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*Please remember. If you are a member, dinner is $5. If you are not a paid member, dinner is $20. First time guests are always free. To pre-pay for your Supper, please visit

**Members please note - This is an important meeting as elections will be held. Please check your email for details.